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Third CROCODILE Consortium meeting

Group photo CROCODILE meeting - Dusseldorf, Germany, May 2019

The third CROCODILE Consortium meeting took place on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd of May, 2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany, 12 months after the start of the CROCODILE project – first of a kind commercial compact system for the efficient recovery of cobalt designed with novel integrated leading technologies. The meeting has been excellently organised by ACCUREC in the beautiful Goethe Museum building. ...

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H2020 CROCODILE project launches new animation video on efficient recovery of Cobalt

CROCODILE animation video on Cobalt recovery. Each electrical car battery requires between 10 to 20 kg of cobalt. Cobalt is used in many applications that support the shift to a low-carbon economy. Therefore, the demand for cobalt is rapidly increasing; and so is its price! The price of cobalt has risen nearly 250% in 2017 and is expected to significantly increase in the coming years, driven by stricter emissions controls that push the global demand for electric vehicles.

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Meet our CROCODILE colleague: María Rueda Verano (IDENER)

María Rueda works as a Process Engineer for the Chemical Applications department in IDENER. Learn more about this Spanish engineer that is interested in the development of operational innovative technologies. What are you working on? I am in the process of developing conceptual and detail engineering design, in order to construct an integrated process for different H2020 projects. For these ...

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Meet our CROCODILE colleague: María Tripiana Serrano (IDENER)

María Tripiana Serrano works as an R&D project manager in IDENER leading the chemical and industrial applications team. She is interested in topics related to resource efficiency, raw materials and environment as well as in the field of scientific modelling. What are you working on? My main tasks are related to the development of project ideas within the H2020 framework. ...

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Cobalt – a potential bottleneck in the transition to electric mobility

The coming electric vehicle boom will significantly increase the demand for cobalt in the EU and globally. As a result, demand is expected to exceed supply already in 2020 and the EU must take steps to boost supply and curb demand without hindering the growth in electric vehicles, according to a new JRC report presented at the EU Raw Material ...

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