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Meet our CROCODILE colleague: Nader Akil – PNO Consultants Innovation

Nader has a PhD in optoelectronics, more than 50 scientific publications, 13 patents, and has raised several tens of millions of euros of funding for his clients. Currently, Nader is involved in several EU projects as an exploitation manager, or a partner delivering innovation services such as market and business analysis. Nader is currently the Operations Manager of the PNO Innovation office in Brussels. (05.05.2022)

What are you working on?
My job is developing innovative projects on a daily basis. Those projects have the aim to develop new solutions targeting societal challenges such as resource efficiency and raw materials, secure and clean energy.

What attracts you in the research project you are working on?
I love to search for novel ideas, and conceptualize new innovation projects around those ideas. Bringing a novel idea to the level of a project often requires many activities such as benchmarking the idea against other existing solutions, investigating the business context and interest of industry, discussing with many partners to build the value chain, architect the concept of the project which is a unique activity as each project has its own formula. Every time I build a project is like setting up a new business or new startup, and this is a fascinating experience, especially when the idea materializes into a project and you get all the partners around the table to start a new collaborative venture that often lasts for a few years.

Where do you work? What do you like about your organization or the city you live in?
I work in Brussels, where it is the place to keep connected with the vision for a better future. Brussels is the innovation engine of Europe, where many stakeholders being sectorial associations, the European Commission, or other delegates are continuously looking ahead to initiate visions, roadmaps and programs for a more sustainable future for Europe and the rest of the world. Besides, the city offers many opportunities to have fun, meet people from many countries and enjoy life. Moreover, Brussels is close to many other cities in Europe, either by car, train, or flight, so that you can easily change the environment within a day or a weekend.

What characteristic do you most admire in others?
I admire people who have had great achievements throughout their careers, but they keep humble and accessible. They are often the source of inspiration for others.


Nader Akil – PNO Consultants

Nader Akil – PNO Consultants

Highly experienced Senior Innovation and Managing Consultants at PNO Innovation (Brussels) since 2011 with a demonstrated history in building strategic and large collaborative projects in several fields, as well as innovation ecosystems and large networks in raw materials, chemical and environmental technologies. Nader has over 20 years of experience in R&D, competitive intelligence and project management. Nader has held several senior positions in industry such as Philips, NXP Semiconductors, Photovoltech, as well as large R&D centers in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the USA.


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