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International Conference on Raw Materials and Circular Economy #RawMat2021

Lourdes Yurramendi

In the framework of the International Conference on Raw Materials and Circular Economy #RawMat2021, held on September, 5-9th 2021 in Athens (Greece), Lourdes Yurramendi presented the Oral Communication:

A sustainable process for the recovery of valuable metals from spent lithium ion batteries by deep eutectic solvents leaching

(L. Yurramendi, J. Hidalgo, A. Siriwardana)

With this work, Dr. Lourdes Yurramendi represented the Waste Valorisation group from TECNALIA. The Oral Communication was programmed on September, 8th, in the parallel session C3 Batteries and magnets recycling.

Batteries are essential for the energy storage in the electronics used in our everyday lives, from small portable electronic devices (PEDs) like cell phones and laptops to medical devices or electric vehicles (EV). Battery residues contain great variety of components such as valuable metals, graphite and organic compounds. Critical Raw Materials (CRM) like lithium and cobalt are also included. A strong research effort to reduce the dependence from external countries is being carried out.

In the presentation, a novel leaching technology based on Deep Eutectic Solvents was proposed as an environmentally friendly alternative to current processes (involving strong acids, alkalis and/or high temperatures) for the extraction of cobalt from real battery residues.

This research is been developed in the frame of the CROCODILE Project, funded by EU in the frame of H2020 Research and Innovation Actions (GA No. 776473).


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