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Meet our colleagues

Meet our CROCODILE colleague: Nader Akil – PNO Consultants Innovation

Nader has a PhD in optoelectronics, more than 50 scientific publications, 13 patents, and has raised several tens of millions of euros of funding for his clients. Currently, Nader is involved in several EU projects as an exploitation manager, or a partner delivering innovation services such as market and business analysis. Nader is currently the Operations Manager of the PNO ...

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Meet our CROCODILE colleague: Evelina Castellana (LOMARTOV)

With a background in European politics and project management, Evelina works at LOMARTOV coordinating the European and internal projects of the SME, specialized in environmental engineering. Her work bridges project management and networking activities, which are also been implemented in CROCODILE. Find out more about her work in this latest interview (Valencia, 23 July 2021). What are you working on? ...

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Meet our CROCODILE colleague: Didier Michel (COMET)

Didier MICHEL works as engineer in the ‘Research and Development Department’ of Comet Traitements. Learn more about him below… What are you working on? Comet Traitements was founded in the year 2000 with the goal to significantly reduce the disposal rate of its mother company (COMET SAMBRE). This goal has been achieved through the implementation of mineral processing technologies. COMET TRAITEMENTS ...

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Meet our CROCODILE colleague: Anastasia Moschovi (MONOLITHOS)

Anastasia Moschovi is the HEAD of Research and Innovation Department of MONOLITHOS LTd company. She is a specialist in recovering precious metals and rear earths from spent automotive catalysts. In the CROCODILE project, she loves the chance to meet new people with varying scientific background aiming in the same target, to establish a new method for recovering Co from secondary sources. ...

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Meet our CROCODILE colleague: María Rueda Verano (IDENER)

María Rueda works as a Process Engineer for the Chemical Applications department in IDENER. Learn more about this Spanish engineer that is interested in the development of operational innovative technologies. What are you working on? I am in the process of developing conceptual and detail engineering design, in order to construct an integrated process for different H2020 projects. For these ...

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Meet our CROCODILE colleague: María Tripiana Serrano (IDENER)

María Tripiana Serrano works as an R&D project manager in IDENER leading the chemical and industrial applications team. She is interested in topics related to resource efficiency, raw materials and environment as well as in the field of scientific modelling. What are you working on? My main tasks are related to the development of project ideas within the H2020 framework. ...

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