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Meet our CROCODILE colleague: Ludovica Baldassari (Eco Recycling)

What are you working on?

I am currently working on the implementation of several European (H2020, LIFE) and National co-founded projects, like the CROCODILE project. These projects all try to enhance resource recycling efficiency and circular economy, and focus on the development of innovative processes which we then validate in our self-designed pilot plant. My main duties consist of the project preparation and formulation during their proposal stages, the follow-up of the technical development and management, and the coordination of the engineering team in modelling and design activities for each related project.

What attracts you in the research project you are working on?

There are many aspects of my job that make the activities I perform very stimulating. The most attractive aspect is the possibility of being involved in every step of each project I am working on, from the fresh born idea to its final realization.
I am very interested in the area in which the projects are inserted, which mainly consists on the recovery of secondary raw materials with a hydrometallurgical approach, giving the projects a great relevance in the environmental field. In fact, attention to the use of resources and their recovery through increasingly sustainable processes is a current and sensitive topic at European level.

In particular, the European projects I am working on are related to the recovery of target metals (Mn, Li) from spent primary lithium batteries (LIFE-LIBAT) and cobalt from lithium ion batteries black mass (CROCODILE-H2020), recovery of precious metals (Ag, Pd) from membranes (MEMBER-H2020), recovery of components from end-of-life photovoltaic panels (LIFE-Photolife and H2020-CUSTOM ART).

My job also give me the opportunity to meet experts in the scientific field working in projects with European partners and this is a great added value.

Where do you work? What do you like about your organization or the city you live in?

I currently work for ECO RECYCLING, which is based in Rome (Italy). This city offers many opportunities and stimuli in a multicultural environment, which help in having a dynamic view and open mind. ECO RECYCLING is a company with a very smart work environment, with a lean organizational structure, where every member of the team understands the mission and the company values. This is achieved through open lines of communication between the technical team and senior leaders, and the development of a culture in which individuals are empowered to help the organization achieve those goals.

Working with highly qualified people and the technical team composed of young people focused on improving the organization with fresh and innovative ideas gives me the chance to learn continuously.

What characteristic do you most admire in others?

I really admire people who try to look on the bright side even when times get tough. A positive attitude leads to greater happiness in life but also to a greater fulfillment, productivity and team building abilities at work, helping to cope better under stressful situations. Optimism is the most contagious feature of people.

Biography of Ludovica Baldassari 

Ludovica was born in Rome (Italy). She obtained her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in chemical engineering, chemical processes specialization, at Sapienza University of Rome. After obtaining the qualification for the profession of engineer, which is released after a specific National exam in Italy, she jointed ECO RECYCLING on 2014. She is involved in research and development projects at both National and European level, mainly focused on the recycling of target components from WEEE. Her activities mainly consist of chemical processes design, research and development activities and coordination of the company’s internal resources.


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