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Cobalt recovery presented during an arctic sea voyage (October, 2018)

The Crocodile concept was presented by one of the project partners at the KIFEE10 forum. The Kyoto International Forum for Environment and Energy (KIFEE in short) was held on board of the beautiful Art Nouveau style vessel MS Finnmarken along the Norwegian coast from October 5 to 8, 2018.

Tromsø harbour before departure with the Norwegian Coastal Express

KIFEE is a Japan-Norway bilateral cooperation inspired by the Kyoto protocol, and the KIFEE symposium is organised approximately every other year, alternating between Japan and Norway. The symposium held a high scientific standard, and the participants were to a large extent scientists and students from various universities and research institutes in Norway and Japan. Worth mentioning is the innovative material science and electrochemical research going on at Kyoto university and University of Tokyo, especially innovative methods for production of Titanium and other critical materials. SINTEF, one of the Crocodile project partners, presented the Crocodile concept with emphasis on electrowinning in the session Electrolysis Systems and Advanced Inorganic Materials.

Karen Sende Osen presenting Crocodile


Notable plenary lectures covered many areas such as recent developments at Toyota, arctic space activities and how to avoid or mitigate nuclear emissions. The cruise offered a unique setting, combining inspiring scientific meetings and discussions with great nature experiences; aurora borealis observations at night and beautiful snow sprinkled mountain scenery at day.

The beautiful and inspiring scenery…

Details, abstracts and the full programme can be found here:


Author: Karen Sende Osen, Trondheim/SINTEF November 16 2018