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Website: www.idener.es

IDENER is a high-tech research intensive SME originally rooted in a leading Systems and Control Engineering R&D group at the University of Seville’s School of Engineering. One of its most distinguishing traits is the sound scientific background of its research team, which is now specialized in a number of disciplines: chemical engineering, electrical and computer science, systems and control engineering, industrial engineering and telecommunications engineering. The value of this team is further supported by more than 25 works published in book format and more than 300 international journal articles, extensive participation in top-level research initiatives, and 2 patents to date.

IDENER aims to incorporate advanced design and optimization tools and skills from the early development phases of new systems to process scale-up and prototype demonstration. To that end, the company integrates
concepts from four interrelated and complementary areas of knowledge: Mathematical Modelling and Simulation; Multidisciplinary Design Optimization; Control Engineering; and Software Engineering.

One of the Research areas from the company is “Resource and Raw materials efficiency”, where main IDENER’s contributions are:

  • Knowledge improvement on the availability of raw materials.
  • Extraction and recovery of critical raw materials, e.g. REE from permanent magnets using ionic liquids, Germanium from fly ash through hydrometallurgical route.
  • Metal recovery process modelling and design e.g. modelling of the Copper leaching process and its optimisation at industrial scale.
  • Integrated approaches for the sustainable management of water-related activities.
  • Fostering of resource efficiency through digital systems.
  • Tools for effective decision making and public engagement, e.g. decision support systems or toolbox application for technology selection.