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Freeport Cobalt

Website: www.freeportcobalt.com

Freeport Cobalt has a strong position in the cobalt market where it is the major supplier to all industrial applications that use cobalt based powders and chemicals. In many cases Freeport Cobalt is the world wide industrial benchmark in product quality and service. This know how is based on extensive R&D efforts and long experience in the refining, purification and processing of cobalt into chemicals that are often tailored to meet customer specific needs.

Cobalt intermediates from Copper mining activity and Cobalt recycle from industrial waste streams are used as feed materials at Freeport Cobalt refinery in Finland. Raw materials are leached in tailor made processes that ensure highest possible recovery rates for each raw material. Leaching is followed by series of precipitation steps to remove impurities. Final Cobalt solution purity is achieved through solvent solvent extraction process. Pure Cobalt solution is subsequently transformed in various Cobalt chemicals through crystallization, precipitation, reduction and oxidation processes.

Freeport Cobalt’s products are used in a number of industrial applications where the unique properties of cobalt are being utilized to perform a critical function. Typical applications where its products are being used are in petrochemical catalysts for desulfurization of fuels, production of syntethic fuels and biofuels, manufacturing of hard metal and high performance rechargeable batteries. From a consumer point of view, this means fuelling your car with low sulphur gasoline or diesel, using drills and diamond cutting tools at home or at work for concrete and stone as well as tablets and smart phones.

Sustainable development is a high priority for Freeport Cobalt and a broad overview of all the activities can be found on Freeport Cobalt’s parent company web page www.fcx.com. Freeport Cobalt works actively to maintain and improve safety in its operation as well as minimizing the impact on the environment. Freeport Cobalt also works with its suppliers to assure that cobalt supply chain meets the company’s high standards and expectations in ethical and human rights matters.