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Website: www.cometgroup.be

Comet Traitements S.A. is an innovative (a.o. ECOCIR prize 2016, EBAE 2016-2017 finalist) high-growth company, processing and recycling shredder residues (SR), the by-product of the shredding of metallic wastes (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment, End of Life Vehicles, collected scrap). In 2002, the company set up a strategy to minimize the disposal of its final waste to landfills. 15 years later, with the support of its 147 workers, its internal R&D team composed of 12 people (7 engineers, 2 technicians and 3 pilot plant operators) and its research partners (11 researchers working at universities in private research centres), Comet Traitements succeeded to industrialize 8 post-shredder processes for the recovery of non-ferrous metals, plastics (PP, PE, ABS & PS), minerals, iron oxides, precious metal, etc. Thanks to these technological developments, the recovery rate achieved outreached EC directives 2000/53 and 2002/96 recycling and valorisation compliance targets while contributing towards critical raw materials access: a certified recovery rate of 95.4% shredder input and a certified overall valorisation rate of 97.9%, shredder input in 2015). The success of these technologies has helped to build up in Belgium sustainable supply chains of secondary raw materials and secure its reputation as an industry leader.