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Website: www.brgm.fr

BRGM is France’s leading public institution in the Earth Science field for the sustainable management of natural resources (including mineral resources) and surface and subsurface risks. The various roles of BRGM can be described as follows: technological research and development and innovation; support for public policies and citizen information; international cooperation and development aid; safety and monitoring of former mining sites.

The BRGM teams involved in CROCODILE (Waste & Raw Material Unit and Mineral Resources Unit) have a strong experience of development of innovative processes for ores characterization and treatment and have a recognized expertise in mineral processing and biohydrometallurgy up to the engineering of industrial scale plant for bioleaching of sulphidic minerals. BRGM was and is actively involved as coordinator and/or partner in several European projects, the more relevant to the CROCODILE topics being BIOMINE, BIOSHALE, PROMINE and CERES which were dedicated to the development of innovative processes in the field of biohydometallurgy.